"There is an eternal landscape, a geography of the soul; we search for its outlines all our lives." - Josephine Hart


When it comes to charting a path in life, this is usually where we start. We ask "What do you want to be? A Painter? A Doctor? A Lawyer? An Entrepreneur? A Writer? A Wife? A Mother? An Activist? The list goes on…

More and more, however, I’m convinced that this is the better question:


Where the question “What do you want to be?” may frustrate us with its need to put us into neat little boxes, “Who do you want to be?” seeks to ask a bigger and even more important question. It’s about how we want to relate to the world, not merely what job or title we hope to hold in it. It’s about how we can contribute each day regardless of income, status or pecking order. It’s about acknowledging who we want to be on the inside so it can shape who we are on the outside. It’s a way of determining what we value and how we conduct ourselves. It’s about taking focus away from the WHAT, and placing it on the HOW. Most of all, it’s about finding contentment regardless of where we may be in our lives.


To illustrate this point, I want to tell you about James. James works at a local fast food restaurant. No matter what day it is, or what may be happening around him, he always has something good to say. In fact, if I saw him today, I'm pretty sure his greeting would go something like this: “Welcome to Tuesday! Make it count! Have a super day!" This man works at a minimum wage job where he often has to deal with snarly, impatient people and yet he has to be the one of the most upbeat and genuinely enthusiastic people I’ve ever met. For whatever reason, some people seem to be uncomfortable with this and have grumbled, growled or laughed at James. The more I think about their reaction to him, however, the more I’ve come to realize what it’s really about – jealously. James has already found who he wants to be in the world – a person who spreads joy. People may snicker or roll their eyes, but it doesn’t bother him. He just continues on because he’s already found what works.

More than anything, I guess we really need to consider how we want to be remembered. I won’t remember James for his title or his earning potential. I will, however, always remember him as the guy who reminds people it’s good to be alive. Pretty good legacy, don’t you think?

So, on behalf of James, I'll just say...
Happy Tuesday! Have an awesome day!

Sharing the journey,

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Originally posted on Dames Who D.A.R.E


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