Are we being lied to about diets and what we should be eating?

Low fat

Why, at a time when we have the most "light", "fat free" and "low fat" foods on the supermarket shelves, do we also have the highest proportion of women struggling with their weight?

I am getting so frustrated that we keep doing the same old diets and regimes and yes maybe they work for a week or month but if they truly worked you would not have to diet again. We are being given the wrong information.

It’s not the fats that are making us fat it's sugar. If we go back and eat as we are designed we would all feel a lot healthier and have much better waist lines.

I realise I could cover all these points in detail but I was hoping not to put you to sleep on one of my first bogs! The simple and easy thing we need to get out there is to eat unprocessed foods 80% of the time.

The processing of foods, such as creating low fat products, has the effect of not only reducing the fat content of the food, but also increasing the sugar content in order to replace flavour lost during processing. Not only that but processing also removes nourishment from the food, which is a big part of the problem, because it means that people are eating more than they need to in order to get the nourishment their bodies require.

Ask yourself, would you really eat foods that have no taste (the taste is stripped away during the mechanical process)? The answer is quite simply no. The food manufactures know this so add chemicals and sweeteners (that are not natural to your body) to make it a product you will buy. Ultimately you are eating chemicals and very little else.

Are you happy to fill your body with chemicals on a daily basis? Is there really any wonder we are gaining weight and becoming unhealthier? Let’s eat an Unprocessed Diet that gives the body all the minerals, trace elements and vitamins it needs to create your new cells and give you life. Choose to eat foods that are minimally processed.

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