Are We Obsessed with Beauty?






















I love beautiful things/ people. I can admit that, and it isn't entirely a bad thing. However, this fact can often lead me to criticize even the slightest flaw in myself and blow it out of proportion. We are inundated with ads and messages around us that promote superficiality, and I tend to get caught up in that mindset.  I may be flawed, but I am perfectly flawed. Everything about me that I dislike is there for a reason. Same as you. I am no better or worse than the woman next to me. 

What I feel are important traits for women is the humbleness to acknowledge that we are not perfect, and the confidence to embrace our imperfections. We are talented human beings that juggle a lot of different roles (daughter, sister, mother, wife, etc.) with near perfect aplomb. We are more than our looks. Particularly in a society where aging is considered ugly, we have to realize that age and maturity only make us more beautiful. The men who truly love us will see the wisdom and self-confidence that comes with age and will appreciate us more for it.

We have to hold ourselves to higher standards, dress like we respect ourselves (whatever that may mean to you), and never let anyone/anything bring our self-confidence down. It's okay to love beauty, because we are human after all. However, find the beauty within yourself as well. When you look in a mirror without makeup on, learn to love every flaw. When you put makeup on, don't do it to cover up, but rather to enhance. Don't be afraid to walk around without makeup every once in awhile. If you don't feel comfortable walking outside without makeup, don't beat yourself up about it, but realize that you are truly (naturally) beautiful. 



Just because I write about/review makeup doesn't mean it is my whole life, nor does it make me superficial. Also, because I write about it, doesn't mean I wear it all the time. It simply means, I enjoy playing with/using products once in awhile and sharing my experiences with you. It is only a fraction of who I am, as I am sure it is with most of the bloggers here. 

I just learned about the importance of doing daily affirmations. Although it sounds silly, it is important to remind ourselves of what we are capable of before we start the day. We tend to forget our own strengths and  instead focus on the weaknesses. This habit has to be changed for our own betterment. So, from now on, I will attempt to say three great things about myself before I start my day. It will sound silly, awkward, and even vain at times...but I am determined to change any negative thoughts I have about myself. These daily affirmations will have nothing to do with physical appearance, but rather my strength of character. My physical appearance is, after all, only a small part of what makes me unique. 

In summary, outer beauty is indeed superficial, and there is nothing wrong with appreciating it. However, don't get carried away. Sometimes what you see is an illusion anyways.Find the strength and beauty inside yourself, and I am sure that will be worth far more than long eyelashes and perfect lips.