Are Women Less Ambitious As They Get Older?

I read this blog on Huffington Post today - Motherhood Not to Blame for Women's Waning Ambition, Survey Shows

Here is the link:

I actually believe there is a good side to this survey. Maybe I should have said a healthyier side. Consciousness is building up in the workplace and as the level of consciousness takes hold within a culture, and this is one of the core elements the survey is highlighting. It's not surprising that women are the one's who are making the biggest wave.

Women are learning it's okay to value themselves enough to ask questions like "What am I interested in" and "How can I make the biggest impact". Women are not interested in what is being discussed around the water fountain.

Taking on leadership roles are not rewarding if you are not aligned to what you are doing, you can only fake it for so long and the more empowered you feel, the less you want to fake it at all. Hence the killer for ambition.

The hidden gem in this report relates to quality, vision and alignment, and the lack there of in many corporations today. Without these three elements talented employees or ‘WonderWorkers’ as I call them, will not work for 'old thinking' type corporations but will end up working for themselves or innovative companies.

In order to attract and retain talented women - firstly companies must learn how to communicate and listen to the new frontier conscious women. The responses in this survey are perfect feedback/feedforward if corporations are willing to listen and learn.  







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