Are You Addicted To Sugar?

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My name is Catherine Morgan and I am a Sugar Addict. Yes, I admit it. Isn't admitting you have a problem the first step towards recovery?

I've never smoked, I only drink alcohol occasionally, and I've never done any kind of drugs...So, I can't claim to know very much about addiction. However, if I didn't have any sugar in the house, it wouldn't be pretty. In the past I have been able to go "cold turkey" and stop eating sugar, and when I did, I felt great. It always took several days before I began to stop craving sugar, but once I got over the hump, it was no problem at all. The tough thing then, was knowing that I couldn't even have a tiny morsel of a cookie, or the smallest sliver of a piece of cake...Because once I did, it was all over.

After not making a New Years Resolution, I'm thinking I might want to bite the bullet and give the "giving-up sugar" thing one more try. And, it appears I wouldn't be alone...

How To Give Up Sugar For Good

Are you someone who can't stop eating sugar, once you start? Are you plagued with constant food cravings, especially for sweets or refined carbohydrates, such as pasta, bread or potato chips? Do you eat sugar past the point of fullness? Have you struggled with your weight? Do you especially crave sugar in the winter?

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I was a compulsive sugar addict for over thirty years.

I'm currently writing an ebook that will offer my tips and ideas for achieving and maintaining freedom from sugar. (You can contact me here to be notified for its release.)

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In the meantime, here are ten tips that helped me give up sugar:

Crazy Cat Lady Blogging is going to Sugar Rehab...

I’m on Day Five of a self-imposed “Sugar Addiction Rehab”. I’ve gone from wanting to eat my arm, to merely gnaw on my arm, to just a little licking. Seriously, this is teeth-gritting hard for me. I LOVE my sugar! I love my pastries! I love my cookies! I love my candy bars! I love my sugary chocolatey coffee beverages! But, I’ve gained yet another ten pounds since October and I felt dangerously close to being unable to tie my own shoes. So, here I am - an intervention of sorts.

From Ginger Lemon Girl, A Simple Sugar-Free Cake...

Being sugar-free this month has been quite a limitation for me. Yet, I'm glad Michael and I choose do this. It's a vivid reminder of how often, especially in the American culture, we satisfy ourselves with sugary foods. I think it's an undiagnosed disease in this country. We medicate ourselves with sugar. I know I do. If I've had a bad day... If I don't feel good... Even if I'm just tired... or if I'm vegging out in front of the tv... I often crave something sweet.

From the Fit Shack - Clean Eating Recipes...

Besides recipes containing flour, I noted the following sugar ingredients in different recipes in the cookbook: sugar, maple sugar flakes, sucanat, agave, organic sugar, organic honey, and brown sugar. If you are addicted to sugar or sugar sensitive, you already know that you need to stay away from all forms of sugar, not just the ingredient spelled “sugar”, so you wouldn’t be able to use the previous ingredients (same goes for me - I get my “sugar” in fresh fruit, but always include a protein when I eat it).

Again though, if you do not have any issue with sugar cravings or overeating by eating sugar and flour and you simply want to improve your health by getting off the processed foods, then The Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook would be excellent for you.

Fumbling Towards Geekdom -- I'm Sweet Enough Already...

I think my energy levels are a lot stabler when I'm not eating sugar. I used to always get very sleepy in the early afternoon, perk up mid-afternoon (which was when I usually ate some cake or chocolate) and get sleepy again around 4:30. I haven't noticed this happening at all in the last few weeks.

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