Are You Afraid of the Dark? (Yes.)


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I have a love-hate relationship with horror movies.  I absolutely love them, I love the thrill that you get from watching them, but during/after them I am scared out of my mind.  They are the reason that I practically barricade myself in my room when I’m home alone (obviously making sure to have the hairspray with me in the event that I need my “mace”) and am generally scared of my own shadow and/or the dark.  (Sidenote, speaking of being scared of the dark…remember that show “Are you Afraid of the Dark?”  Loved it!! And turns out you can watch episodes here!) 

So here are the movies that have scared the pants off of me…

Beetlejuice – Okay, so I realize that this isn’t meant to be a scary movie.  I’m pretty sure I first saw it when I was home sick from school one day and my brother was watching it.  But I was under the age of 10, saw Geena Davis turn green and crumble apart and I’ve been scared of this movie ever since.

Poltergeist – I saw this in about 5th or 6th grade, on Halloween with a bunch of my friends and I haven’t watched it all the way through since.  I’m not sure whether it was the little girl’s creepy voice, the clown in the corner of the room, or things mysteriously getting rearranged, but one of all of those things was enough to completely creep me out.

Children of the Corn – Albino children are creepy enough, but put them in endless cornfields and I’m sold/scared out of my mind.  Didn’t help that I grew up in a town that was largely covered by cornfields. 

Scream – I love this movie because it’s scary, smart, and funny.  It brought together a lot of the old slasher flicks, but added new faces (and kept a few of the old, Harry Winkler and Linda Blair from the Exorcist even makes a cameo as a news reporter).  Humorous as it may be, I think I jumped every time the phone rang for the entire year after it came out.

Halloween – My favorite classic.  The theme music still gives me the chills.  I was always terrified of this movie because I was (and still am) a babysitter who often heard strange noises in unfamiliar houses, and also because Michael Myers never runs.  I mean, he’s that crazy, that he can actually just walk everywhere and still take care of business.  Yikes. 

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (The Remake) – I had to specify the remake because the original is so bad that it is laughable.  The remake scared me so much that I almost left the theatre and the girl sitting next to me ended up UNDER her seat at one point.  While I’m not sure which is scarier – Leatherface or Jessica Biel’s acting, the combination of the two were enough for me to avoid small towns for a while. 

Paranormal Activity –  To this day, I’m still scared of this movie.  Mostly because the majority of the things that happen, happen at night, when everyone is asleep.  As a result, I’ve spent many a night awake, assuming that if I don’t fall asleep, the door won’t creep open and closed, the chandelier (if we had one) won’t start rocking downstairs, and that nothing will drag me out of bed and down the hall. 

Open Water/Jaws – These two movies are the reasons I am TERRIFIED of the ocean.  Not just scared, we’re talking anxiety to the max.  I’m the girl who starts screaming when a piece of seaweed hits me.  Jaws set the stage for my anxiety, no matter how fake the shark looks and Open Water solidified my fear of not just the ocean, but being stuck in the middle of the ocean. 

The Shining  — My first apartment building in Baltimore had a hallway that looked IDENTICAL to the one in The Shining AND for whatever reason, the weekend I moved in, one channel was playing the movie back to back.  The hallway lights flickered, the building was old, and my door was all the way at the end of an longggg hallway. 

6th Sense – The idea of dead people wandering around with holes in their heads still haunts me.  Oh, and the vision of Mischa Barton crawling into a tent and throwing up.  That too.

The Ring – Even scarier than the little girl who comes out of the TV, is the little boy who is essentially a 40 year old man in a small body.  And the fact that he calls his Mom by her first name.  “Rayyy-chullll.”  My friends and I have spent time perfecting the creepiness of how he talks and I like to break it out from time to time.

The Strangers – I still am not entirely sure what this movie was even about, other than random acts of violence.  All I know is three people, in really creepy masks, torture a random couple for an entire night and then kill them.  I mean….I don’t know about you, but that’s enough to scare me out of ever answering the door. 

What movies do you love to watch but hate to be scared of afterwards?


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