Are You Brave Enough to Take 4 Kids to the Symphony?

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[Editor's Note: We're working up some courage to take our (just two!) boys to the symphony later this year. I was encouraged by this post written by Kelly at In Everything. They took all four of their children to a benefit concert for the victims of the North Carolina tornadoes. They kept a good attitude about it and were treated to a great evening. -Jenna]

Braving the Symphony with 4 Kiddos:

Symphony KidsI really was impressed with how the symphony held their attention. For the 1st 3 songs, Nate sat soo still on my lap, he barely moved a muscle. And the older kiddos did the same.

Then they started pulling out their "quiet" stuff, that's when it got busy:) Honestly, for them being soo young and how close the rows are lined up, they did really well. Chris only knocked the older lady in the head with his papers once, or twice :/ She smiled and told me she was a grandma of 7... super understanding.

And besides Nate trying to "sing" with the music, he only hollered out LOUD once.... it was when the conductor was introducing a song. He made a joke saying someone in the audience "must be familiar with this song!" Again... super understanding!

Read on to see how the evening ended up and view some cute drawings by the kids.

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