Are you a cat person or a dog person?

my fur baby of over 8years and counting 

Are you a cat person or a dog person? That is the winning question,which one?Cat people usually come right out and say omg I love my kitties. They proclaim their love with a photo album in their purse. Dog people from what I have experienced start out with,"I don't like cats." Then you have the mixture, which is where my husband and I fell. We have 2 cats and one grumpy old man of a dog. I have always been the "dog" person. I grew up with only dogs and occasional bird and tradition hamster.We never owned a cat and I thought of myself as the dog person. Always with a dog, secretly wanting a sneaking,quiet,and playful kitty. Well, years later I got my wish and he has been more doglike and more loyal than the dog. Recently,though ,I noticed my patience with my dog has been hanging by a thread. I am not sure if it is my hormones or the fact he is getting old and barks at everything. I do mean EVERYTHING,seriously, everything. The poor guy has cataracts and is showing his age. As a younger dog he wasn't as skiddish,wasn't as bark happy. I still love the old fool and feel bad he gets that way.He does have his good days and yeah I want to go post nuclear when gets in the cat litter. Who wouldn't he takes it all over the house.But, I still love that white fluffy fuzz ball. With all his weird faults. Now, whether I am a cat or dog person, I would say cat, but I still love dogs as much as cats. It is really hard to say. So, are ya a cat person or dog person?


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