Are You Choosing to Stay Small? How to Step Into Your Power and Reclaim Your Life!

“When a sleeping women awakens, she can move mountains.” - Chinese Proverb


The beauty and power of a woman standing in their true feminine power is mystical and magical.  We are pure goddesses, each in our own right, but through the ages, either through society, culture, beliefs, we have hidden in the shadows of who we really are, we have limited ourselves to some superficial image of perfection in order to receive a shred of love, and we have settled, time and time again in every facet of our lives because we believed that was all we deserved or could have.

Can you relate?  I think we all can.  So...

How do we stop living in the small, shadow side of ourselves?

How do we step into the light of who we are, and express our full potential?

How do we live the lives we have desired deep in our hearts?

We find our way back to love, back to our hearts and beyond fear.  We uncover the lies, the beliefs that have covered our clarity.  We release and heal the wounds that have built up the walls around our heart.  We drop the masks we have created to sheild our light from the world.  We stand in the face of fear, in the midst of our own self doubts, and we take action to reveal the truth – the fear is smoke, it was never real.

Our experience has been limited because we put our faith in lies.  In other words, believed in our limitations, in our fears, and in other’s opinions of who we are and who we are supposed to be.  To awaken to the magnificent women we are, it is time to put our faith back in ourselves, live from our heart, and open ourselves back up to love, allowing life to dance through us, and allow the unfolding of the perfect expression of the infinite beings that we are.

Don't you think it is time you allowed yourself to open and express the full potential of who you are, and create YOUR life on YOUR terms?  It is time to break open the box, and become who you really are - Love. 

Christine Vida

Removing the Veil, Reclaiming Your Life!


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