10 Sure Signs You Might Be a Cocktail Snob

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Are you a cocktail snob?  You might be a cocktail snob if:
1.  You wouldn't dare look at booze in the liquor store on the bottom shelf.
2.  You don't drink beer from an aluminum can.
3.  You wouldn't dream of buying wine in the economy 1.5-liter size.
4.  You keep fresh lemons and limes on hand in case you have to "muddle."


Muddler with fresh citrus fruit
Image: Dinner Series via Flickr


5.  "Skinny" yes; "light" no.
6.  Franzia is a beautiful flowering plant, not wine in a box.
7.  You remember what Zima was....and you're glad it's not around anymore.
8.  You prefer your cocktails served in a martini glass, not a red Solo cup.
9.  Jell-O has no business on your cocktail cart.
10. Mint is not only good for hot tea.  
I think I agree with all ten of these statements!  (If you've got more "snobberies" to add to the list, comment below!) Yep, I would whole-heartedly consider myself a "friendly" cocktail snob.  Until this happened:
It's in a can!  It's Bud Light (kinda)!  It's flavored!  But I gotta say, for me, it lives up to the hype. Served over ice on a hot summer day, it hits the spot.  I add a little tequila sometimes to make it more like a margarita.  
So I suppose I have digressed a little from my cocktail snob mentality.  But don't worry....you won't see me snapping open a PBR anytime soon.
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