Are You The "Cooler" Parent?


I'm not the fun parent-And I am fine with that, I think. There is no way we could exist and have the same parenting style. It just wouldn't work. When Kayden peed or pooped in his pamper during my potty training days (oh, the day after the potty chronicles post, he went and pooped in the toilet and has been a big boy ever since. All done) he would say "I need to talk to my daddy". Obviously, he knew talking to me had consequences, i.e; I'm not the cool, fun, easy-to-talk-to parent.

This all came to the forefront the other day. Hubs is off from work and Kayden wanted to sleep in. No big deal, I asked hubs if he would take him to school and he assured me he would. Kennedy was ready to go so she was off to school without her brother. No sooner than around 9:30ish, I get a text, "we're going to breakfast" I didn't mind this because I figured, what's the harm in going to breakfast with your son? Imagine my surprise at 11:30 when I got the net text "dude, call him out, we're going home to chill". I was shocked! He couldn't miss school! In truth, it sounded so cool, I was jealous. 

When did I become the jerk parent? I couldn't believe it. I mean, the above described scenario sounds like something I would do. Why don't I do it? To make matters worse, this evening we were chilling in the family room and hubs come downstairs and I see him fiddling with the doors. I thought he was opening it to fix something, but no, he scooped up two snowballs and hit Kayden and M'khai while they were watching their movie. The crowd.went.wild. It was awesome, genius and cool. Why didn't I think of this? I mean I was sitting right there, tweeting of course, but nonetheless, right there!!! Why does he always have to be the fun one?

I plan on making some changes to see how I can start being the cool parent too. I wonder if this will work though, can two cool parents really exist? I am trying though, really making an effort. About 10 minutes ago, I told M'khai to come with me to have a bowl of cereal since he said he was hungry. The old, "uncool" me would have never done that. Cereal after breakfast? Never. LOL

Are you a cool parent? Can two cool parents exist?  




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