Are You a Curious George or a Judge Judy?

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When it comes to physical training and working out, mindset is everything. It's a little counter-intuitive: Exercise is a physical pursuit, not a mental one, right? Well ... no. We all know that's all wrong. When it comes to getting that work out in, your mind is everything.

Just ask Jeff Salzenstein, a former top ATP tennis player who knocked heads with a several top-10 players (guys named Sampras, Chang, Rios, Rafter, Korda, Rusedski, Federer, Roddick ... the list goes on). Tennis is a great example of how your mindset affects your physical performance. "If you can become the observer and take the emotion out of [the game] ... you're going to see better results," he says,"without all the anger, sadness and the frustration of judging each shot."

As for you putting mental preparation into the context of your everyday sense of self and wellness, Salzenstein suggests you ask yourself, "Are you like Judge Judy, or Curious George?" Meaning: Do you judge yourself? Do you criticize your choices? Or are you curious about learning what comes next in your physical development? There is an entire educational philosophy in which teachers encourage children to cultivate their naturally curious attitude -— and learn as a result.

Judge Judy

Imagine if each day you simply asked yourself, "What am I curious about learning about my body today?" By making that mental shift and cultivating a new way of thinking, you'll be able to own your beauty and know that you can do something physical that will help you feel better.

It's natural to judge, categorize and quantify things. To get around that, make sure the physical pursuits you're testing are things that incorporate aspects of living that are meaningful to you. Three years ago, my sister took up aqua fitness. Now, the benefits of aqua fitness routines for seniors are tremendous; my sister is 38. But, she loves it!

Try something new: Go at it from a completely different angle.

And finally, take a look at Jack Johnson's video with Curious George, Upside Down, to remember what's truly important in life. Turn this challenge upside down and you'll find the right kind of exercise for you!

By Elizabeth Pongo. Original to OwnIt

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