Are You Friends With a Bad Mom?

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When you become a parent, your whole social life goes through a seismic shift: friends you'd spent most of your time with fade into the background if they remain childless, and suddenly you find yourself thrown together with an entire universe of new, potential friends simply because your children are the same age. I remember very clearly the first time I was walking down the street, and a totally unknown woman (to me, anyway) chimed out: "Hi there, Zack!" He brightly responded back, "Hi Owen's mom!" But sometimes those incidental matches don't work out and turn into great friendships. And sometimes, suggests Eliana Osborn on on The Imperfect Parent, a friendship has to be sacrificed, if that friendship is with someone you deem a "Bad Mom." Do you agree?

Can You Stay Friends With Women When You Can't Stand How They Raise Their Kids?

It started so perfectly: a new lady moved to town and sat next to me at church. Her baby was a little older than mine, dressed in the same Sam's Club plaid overalls. It was an instant conversation starter and she made me laugh. Not long later, Monica (names have been changed) invited me over. Things were fine till I saw her interact with all three of her children.

bad mom and bad daughter

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