Are You "That" Girl?

That GirlNobody wants to be "that" girl.

She answers her phone at the most important part of the movie, 

She never seems to have her own tampon and loves to take yours,

She opens your fridge and eats your groceries without permission,

She has a new boyfriend every time you see here,

She shows up at weddings she's not invited to,

She pins sixty pictures of kittens on Pinterest at a time…


I mean, really!?


Let's face it. None of us want to be "that" girl that walks in the room and the room grows silent because everybody (but her) knows, she's "that" girl.


We live a culture where being "that" girl is stigmatized. The last possible way you want people to see you as is the needy, obsessive, obnoxious girl that just kinda…well, you know, shows up from time to time,


But truth is, in some form, we have all been "that" girl before.


It's painful to think about what things we may have mindlessly done or said that we don't even remember doing, but it's just a part of our nature to someone less than perfectly pleasant from time to time. 


We have all been "that" girl.


But what makes it better, is that there is more. We are all also created in God's perfect image. No matter what, we are fearfully and wonderfully made: in our best moments, our worst moments, and in our I'm-totally-being-"that"-girl moments (Psalms 139:14).


And that's what we have to have to remember about each other: our best friends, good friends, sisters, acquaintances, and even "that" girl. 


God loves her, too. 


And while she might not be the person you share you deepest secrets with, she's more than just "that" girl. And who knows, God may have put her in your life so that you could be "that" girl that helps her be more than "that."


Morgan is a 22-year old singer-songwriter and worship leader based in Atlanta, Georgia. She is also a hobbyist children's fiction writer and blogger and would love to entertain the idea of being published someday. She's the older sister of Christian singer Jamie-Grace with whom she occasionally travels and ministers with from time to time. She is also married to a Hawaiian from Alabama named Patrick "Kekoa." Together they have a clothing line called "want less GIVE more" where a percentage of every purchase goes towards projects and missions that want less and give more.

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