Are You Giving Up Freedom for Security, Status, & Comfort?

"Those who surrender freedom
for security will
not have,
nor do they deserve,
either one."

— Thomas Jefferson

I think there are a lot of people out there who would nod their heads in agreement with this quote if we were having a political discussion about the Bush administration and our post 9/11 American culture.

But how many of those same people could see that it applies to their own, daily, mundane lives?

As soon as we start dissecting how we all gladly hand over freedom for security and status and comfort, our defenses go up. We start making excuses. We fall back on old ways of thinking. We crawl into our little boxes and pull the lids over our heads.

For fear.

is a powerful motivator, and the current culture in which we live is
all about selling you a product based on your most basic fears.

The most subtle selling is all about the kind of life you live. We are sold marriage/children/house/two cars/life insurance/health insurance/retirement fund from the time we are quite small. By the time we are in college, most of us cannot see past this paradigm.

Then quite suddenly, we are in our late twenties or thirties wondering
how the hell we became so unhappy, so burdened by obligations and
responsibilities, so very far from our dreams and heart's desires.

The defenses go back up and we cower from the sun-intense light that our true dreams shine into the shadows of our Quiet Desperation sorts of lives.

There's a reason the tag line for this site is Be Brave; Choose Bliss. This is hard stuff. It's much easier to crawl back into that box.

But for some of us, our dreams will poke and prod and create a hunger that is so intense that the box simply falls apart.

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