Are You Gloria Steinem at Heart?

Recently, two dear friends from All Souls Church surprised me with a ticket to see Gloria Steinem at the the 92nd Street Y last night. I am grateful to have friends who listen so carefully to my interests. Immersed in the details of the launch my new radio show 31 Voices March, Max Cat is lucky if I remember to feed him, much less pay attention to anything else. 

It was a typical New York evening. We met for dinner at the Corner Bakery. A fire broke out at the shop next door. We could smell smoke but did not see any flames. The NY Fire trucks converged on the corner and broke out the hoses and gear. People congregated in the street. We continued eating while the commotion played like background music. I recommend the roast chicken.

The scene at the 92nd Street Y was almost as chaotic as the scene we left behind at the Corner Bakery. The crowd for Gloria was electric. At her introduction, before she said a word, the audience gave her a standing ovation. Bud Mishkin from channel New York 1 conducted the interview.

When it came time for audience questions, I noticed that most of the questions started with "what should I do...."

What impressed me was the gentle way Gloria always redirected the question back to the person who asked it. The power to transform starts with the Self. It is about knowing your own heart and channeling your talents to the issue(s) that make a difference to you. This is a mark of a empowering leader. When a leader instills confidence in others, the movement becomes about the collective not about the individual.

Gloria's heart is a legacy to us all.




Melissa A. Rosati, CPCC

Host, 31 Voices March Radio