Are You Going to Vegas for Blog World Expo?

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This week is Blog World Expo -- are you going? I'm there, there's a whole day of travel talks including one about blogging that features [shameless promo plug] yours truly and a bunch of smart, smart, smart people. While I'm looking forward to the talks, I have a confession to make: I can't stand Vegas. The noise. The smoke. The waste, oh, the scandalous waste. The green lawns, the drunken 20 somethings on the strip, everything about Vegas makes me crazy, just crazy with frustration. My plan for Vegas? Get in, get out, no one gets hurt.

But there are, out there in the world, those that love Vegas. The restaurants, the shows, the lights, the excitement. And it's to them I'm turning to offer up advice for what you should do if you've got some free time during Blog World Expo later this week.

Lost in the USA says this about Vegas:

Las Vegas is one of the most magical places you can travel to and have fun in so many different ways ... Las Vegas is a city where all dreams and magic can be seen, felt, enjoyed and lived, so enjoy the city.

... and gives you a plan of attack for getting the most out of your stay.

The Vegas 10 has a bunch of -- you guessed it -- top ten lists of where to eat, family activities, spas...

This is an older post on Simply Wanderlust, but the attitude is right for folks like me -- it's called Surviving Vegas and makes some suggestions for doing just that. Be sure to check that the recommendations are up to date -- Vegas is nothing if not changeable.

I went to Vegas for the first time in 2006. I hated it. If I had my way, I would have never gone back, but, of course, circumstances arose and it was pretty much required. I learned, on my second time there, that Vegas is survivable even if you don’t love it.

Budget Travel has a very recent thread on Where to Sleep and Eat in Vegas -- it's all about the comments, that's where the advice is. And Simple Green Choices has compiled what seems like the impossible -- a list of sustainable Vegas picks. Who knew.

There's one thing I'm really looking forward to on this upcoming trip -- I'm joining blogger Jessica on a field trip to the Neon Museum. There are some great pictures from the Neon Museum on Flickr, of course.


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