Are You Joking?

Gulsum Basheer

We had with us in college a boy whose activities would put “jokes about dummies” to shame.

 In the first year of college, we were standing in our college bank to buy a Demand Draft to pay our examination fees. We had to write in the form, our college name followed by the word EXAMINATIONS, all in capitals.

 My friend seemed to be getting something wrong. He was tearing up, form after form.

 I went closer to him and asked him what the problem was.

 He whispered to me, “I have forgotten how to write the Capital ‘I’. I am not able to fill in the word "Examinations.”

Later when we friends laugh at this incident we ask ourselves, how does he refer to himself in his correspondences… by ‘i’ or ‘I’?

 The same friend had had ‘orthognathic’ surgery done just before joining college.

 ‘Orthognathic’ is basically a plastic surgery done to correct an abnormal jaw and enhance your profile. It removes imperfections and makes you look more appealing.

 Once some of us friends were sitting with him in the canteen. When we were clearing the table for the waiter to serve our tea, he let fall his books by mistake. A photo fluttered out of his book. It was an old photo of his, before the surgery. We picked up the picture and passed it around. He looked quite different in it.

 When we commented on it, he said, “That was taken before my Orthognathic surgery.”

 Then he added, “I will bring a photograph of me taken after the surgery.”

 "Why?” we asked him.

 “So that you can see how different I look now”

 We burst out laughing. He could not understand why and I had to update him:

 “Dude, we know how you look after the surgery. We are seeing you everyday!”

 Story told to talkalittledo by: Amar. Chennai.



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