Are you Judgmental?


Being judgmental is a challenging mental character. It’s a condemning label to carry.  It is a bad habit of making negative moral evaluations of other people. People judge others to boost their own impression of moral worth by comparing with the assumed lesser moral position of others.
They seek pleasure in seeing others fall short because it shows they are better than them. When they tend to feel morally inferior they seek comfort in seeing others fail to justify their feeling of inferiority. Those who lack awareness of their own moral failures tend to judge others with a false sense of moral superiority. 
Judgmental people tend to:
  • Create a bias and negative analysis’ of others
  • Have moral understandings in their own right
  • Cannot find the good in others and always want to believe in the worst of them.
  • Aim to aggressively persuade others to believe what they want them to believe about a person.

We must not mistake people who have a different moral view than we have to be judgmental; they just have a different way of seeing things. Judgmental people are more calculated and callous when expressing their and opinions, and they do so with negative intentions.
Being judgmental alter our understanding of other people. It makes you unsympathetic toward of others.  It is often associated with other personality flaws such as hypocrisy, narcissism, cruelty, selfishness, and the satisfaction of destructive rumors’.
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