I got to thinking today about how people simply waste so much of their time on things and people that truly they should not be putting their energy and time into……..People simply waste so much time…….I find today our society is consumed with the internet….Yes, the internet can be a good thing and yet people seem to be lost in it……Their lives seem to be lived through it and their in person relationshps seem to be suffereing in many cases from lack of focus…..

Our In Person relationships as well as our own personal needs need to take priority over the virtual world…So often people are so distracted looking at their I-Phone’s, cell phone texts, emails, chats, internet news, virtual social media pages, and so much more via the internet that they simply have forgotten how to be in the real world….The world that is physically around them…..They are exchanging in person interactions for virtual ones….

Virtual relationships tend to be bigger than life….They tend to be “better” than what is around most people….simply because a lot of it is illusion…..A lot of it is only seeing what one chooses to see and all that is good about it….They may not realize that very same person in person may have all the issues or more than the people they are surrounded with in person……The Virtual World simply looks “prettier” than the real world…..but it is the real world that needs our attention…..It is the real world that we can make fabulous by using the time that we are giving to the Virtual World…

People also hide behind their Virtual World Images….They feel they look far better virtually than in person so that is partly why many live their lives in the virtual world to the largest degree….If they took that time and focused on their own self in “real life” they could build an incredible “real life” for themselves…..

I love the virtual world and what it offers….It has given us all so much….And yet it has taken just as much away…..mainly with personal relationships……Balance is key…..Give focus and attention to one’s real life first and use the virtual world to compliment an already wonderful “real life….”


I think most people are so overloaded in life that they simply don’t have the time or energy to give to themselves or to their relationships…..There time is spent buzzing from one place to the other….It is as if they are on the fast track of life going to a dead end….

People who are too busy in life tend to let many of the wonderful things in life slide off and away from them….So often people don’t have time to rest, eat right, exercise, and take care of their health in general…..They neglect their relationships and the nurturing process that involves great relationships….All because they are too busy overloading themselves with needless obligations and commitments that weren’t a necessary part of their lives….

Consider giving yourself more attention and those around you more attention……The investment is likely to pay off well…


So much of the time people go through life and do not tell those they love that they love them. Sometimes by the time they get to it the relationship has either fallen apart or worse……When we take the time to let those around us know how much we love them we are doing both them and us a great service….People do need to be told we care…..Take the opportunities in life to let those you love know that you love them….

Our parents no matter how old they are need to be told we love them. Our children need to be reminded how much we love them just as they are……Our spouses need to be told how we appreciate them and love them….Our friends are likely happy to hear that we love them to…

Take the time in life to tell those you love that you love them….It is likely to be well worth it…


I always say we find what we are looking for….If we are looking for good things we will find it….If we are looking for faults we will find it…..Some people simply go around looking for faults in others….and they will always find it….Whereas those who go around looking for what is right with those around them are likely to find that as well….We just simply find what we are looking for…..That is the way it works….



I think CONFIDENCE comes with the ability to be able to clearly and quickly say “NO” to what we don’t want…..I see so many people saying “YES” to what they know they don’t want and I simply wonder why. I think it comes from a lack of self-confidence…..I say far more “NO’s” than I do “Yes’s” simply because most opportuntiies in life are not up to what I want….By saying “NO” I am keeping myself open for what I really want….and I can say “YES” to what I really want when I see it….If I fill my life up with junk I will have no room for all that is good when it comes….

I simply make saying “NO” a lifestyle for me so I can also make saying “YES” a lifestyle for me….saying “YES” to all that is  fabulous……Keeping the door shut on things I don’t want…..and welcoming in all that I truly want to embrace fully into my life……

Confidence does come with the ability to say “NO” to even those we like or love when it is not right for their lives or for ours…….I love the word “NO,” but I even like the word “YES” better when it is truly for what I really want….