Are You Meant for Something Better?

I'm a professional blogger, podcaster, motivational speaker and radio host. I help women create the life they want to lead for the rest of their lives by focusing on the issues in life which create moments for grace, growth and change.

My “big promise” is that in reading and addressing the issues in my blogs, readers will find that some of the smaller day-to-day concerns are easier to tackle if they know they are not alone and they are given simple, useable resources to address these issues in their lives. I don’t solve pressing problems. In fact, I don’t solve problems. I call attention to circumstances that cause pain and frustration; I look at them from an honest standpoint and challenge my readers to do the same. I give effective solutions, but each woman has to implement them. I remove the pain of feeling alone with a problem and I remove the “nowhere to turn to” sign. The value I add is inherent in the work I produce: women are looking to feel like their issues are addressed by someone who has experienced them and isn’t shoving some product or agenda down their gullets. I create space for introspection. I permit the freedom of honesty. I allow for the connection of women from all over the world.