Are you the MindFUL or the MindLESS Type?

Who me? Over time, I have become the mind-FUL type. But it used to be that my own personal wellness and fitness were of the mindless sorts. I may have believed and others may have perceived me as mindful in how I took care of my body and health. But, truthfully, there was a time when I did what I had to either keep up with what I ate or what I felt compelled to do based on my own skewed eye’s perception of what I looked like in the mirror (which, as you may well know, changes based on the day or your mood). Now I am not so easily swayed. I have learned some lessons, grown up in my old age of 34 (although I must say that I have earned a few more years than that in the last few!) and I have become far more comfortable in my skin.

It is comforting and empowering yet humbling to realize that personal wellness and fitness activities mean more than the surface, shallow-motivated, sometimes self-indulgent or guilt possessed goals of yesterday. And you know what else? In learning to moderate my motives, I have become less judgmental of myself and so highly value my life for the blessing that it is—and those values spill over into my perceptions of other people.

I am not perfect. I slip and stumble on my personal wellness path. But, now rather than  mindlessly spiraling into a more negative mindset, road blocks build strength and endurance for the long term….for a life of SUSTAINABLE fitness. Even on  my less glorious days I can peer through the fog and see that the path as a whole.

Think of that: Sustainable verses fly-by-night or weekend warrior fitness

Think of this: Mindfully choosing verses hastily playing catch up for poor lifestyle choices…

Is what you do for your body sustainable? Or do you have the ‘beat-myself-fit’ mentality? Do you stimulate your mind and body towards a healthy lifestyle or are you bouncing around unable to settle into a contented fitness path fitting for your goals, interests and lifestyle?

Here is what I suggest:

  • Entertain yourself! Be sure to include fitness activities that will nurture your mind and spirit. That type of nurturing only happens when you choose a program you enjoy and makes you feel vibrant, interested and empowered.
  • Dismiss un-inspiring, dreaded workouts. If what you are doing now feels like a DRAG, kiss it goodbye and adopt something new. For me, that means swimming is NOT an exercise, it is a leisure activity!
  • When it feels good, repeat! When a workout feels good, explore how you can incorporate that style of exercise into your life more often. Ahhh…yoga, early morning mindful jogging and the occasional high powered ‘anti-anxiety’ cardio kickboxing keep me going!
  • Make living a ‘fit lifestyle’ something that appeals to your senses. I love to position myself outdoors or in a place in my home that feels good for me to move in. Choose music (or quiet) that makes you want to dig down for a greater challenge.
    Early morning sun is one of my best motivators to start the day right.
  • Think of fitness and living well as multi-dimensional. When it’s only purpose is to make you LOOK a certain way (even when weight loss is a health necessity for you), you miss out on how much movement, inspiring change and a sense of daily accomplishment it can offer. Being fit and 'doing fitness' is  far more gratifying and SUSTAINABLE when you have more of  a purpose than an ideal reflection staring back at you in the mirror (especially when those ideas happen to  be either unrealistic or unattainable..unless you have an amazing photographer and an air brush handy).

I hope that this inspires some thought. Be a MindFUL MissFIT!

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MindFULLY Fit,



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