Are You one of the 12 million?

crowdAre you one of the 12 Million? 

CBS news recently did a report called “Dental Insurance Crisis.” In their report, they stated that 12 million Americans DO NOT have dental coverage and as our nation’s economic status continues to decrease, that number will increase.


Many people do not believe that they need dental. Shockingly enough, I have heard people say that they can always pull a tooth; their concern is more toward their medical coverage or benefits. Yes, this may sound okay BUT what about the health problems onset by dental caries, also known as cavities, and the bacteria growth in the mouth?


I guess it is not something we thing about, right? Why? Health problems are health problems and dental problems are dental problems, right…WRONG! The mouth is perfect for dental caries  dental cariesbacteria to grow and multiply, while dental caries provide easy access into the blood stream.


What happens when foreign bacteria roam into unchartered territory via the blood? Well, we hope they get attacked by the body’s first line of defense…the white blood cells but what happens if that fails? The possibility of dental caries or abscesses leading to medical or health related issues exist and yes, death can also occur.


Many people say they cannot afford dental care, well what if you knew you could save money every time you went to the dentist? There are plans that will save you money, How about saving up to 80% on dental, including cosmetic dentistry, while receiving vision, Rx, and Chiropractic care for only $19.95 for a household plan per month? Here is a plan that offers that kind of savings. Do your due diligence, research the company call a representative and find out how you can eliminate yourself from the 12 million.


Ultimately, we NEED to take care of our teeth, besides wouldn’t it be great to have a beautiful smile again!  

beautiful smile


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