"Are You Pregnant?" NO! -- When You Know You're Done Having Babies

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As a mother, being asked "Are you pregnant?" when you're not is often a dagger right in the heart. Or, you know, the visible gut caused by stretched skin of pregnancies gone by. Amy at ADDled Living recently endured this question while wearing a boxy winter coat. It wasn't the question that floored her, however; it was her quick, forceful answer of, "Hell no." She realized at that point that she might be really done having babies. Forever.

She thinks about what her answer means:

I'm just ready to keep moving forward. I love experiencing every age with them. Right now they are six and nine and loads of fun. Another baby would take me away from them. Another baby might send me over a cliff. My husband is the one having baby lust. He keeps teasing me with the question, "Come on. Just one more?"

To that I must answer, "Hell no!"

Thank goodness spring is here. I'm putting that coat away for a long time.

Credit: steveboneham.


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