Are you reaching for the wrong form of balance?

There are many women who believe there is this set, generic, ideal form of balance and continually struggle to reach this perfect work-life


However, that is just not the case. What works for your co-worker
may not work for you. And what works for you may not work for your neighbor. Everyone has a different job and differences with their family, therefore your work-life balance should reflect that. Also, many women believe that their personal and business life should be completely different. But instead hear this: Your business is your personal life.


By that I mean if you develop your business around your personal brand essence, then the real you will rise to the surface. You’re a package. Your values, personality—even your passions—they all come together to create a personal brand that defines you. Now take it one step further and
incorporate that brand into your business.


There are steps for accomplishing this goal, and I talk about them in great detail in my book, but the basic concept remains the same: Make your personal
and your business brand one. And don’t forget that it all has to happen within the guidelines of authenticity. Balance is only achieved if and when you stay true to your passions—and you refuse to separate your business brand from your personal brand.

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