Are You Ready to Ride the Wave?

There have been many articles lately by top business authorities acknowledging how wise it is to start a business now while all the economic turmoil spins about. Looking through history these are the times that the most prosperous and successful businesses begin. So many people wait until "things appear optimum" and "good times" arrive----this is quite often a mistake. The businesses that begin in not so optimum economic times are the ones that are fully prepared and ready for the WINDFALL of business that always follows a recession/economic decline. Children's services are doing very well, despite the economic climate. Parents will choose to cut out many other things from the budget before cutting out a special enrichment activity for their children. When the economy begins to rebound---these types of classes experience a complete FLOOD of new students and business. Don't hesitate to follow your dream based on all the negative media that we are constantly bombarded with daily. We encourage you to move forward and take action---so you can be ready in the near future when demand will be amazing for children's activities. Just as we saw in the 30's---people always turn to art/entertainment to soothe themselves in hard times----they want to do the same for their children. If more of our leaders had been trained and had experience in the arts---they would be much more creative thinkers out there making better decisions!


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