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                                                     Are you ready Vampire Academy Family?



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Aug 1

Okay just have to make it through the weekend. Cross my heart.


Yes Vampire Academy Family, the time has come for the fan funding to start! Next week producers from the film will release information on how you can help fund the next film, Frostbite, and revive the franchise. I know I have basically talked about the benefits of fan funding and shoved it down everyone’s throats on how important it is to be heard and to put money toward the film but I want to talk about it just one more time.


For everyone out there that is still not sure about giving money to a studio, think about it not going to the studio but helping out the producers who see potential with the franchise and know that it is worth saving. Yeah I understand, big hollywood big wigs don’t need the money but you’re not giving the money to the studio as some kind of bonus, your money is going towards the reviving, marketing, making etc… of the film. None of the money that you give is going into the producers, studio, cast etc.. pocket. You are truly helping make the film become a reality! Let me tell you it is a great feeling knowing that you helped bring something to the big screen. There is some type of accomplishment in seeing something you gave money to, that you cared about and that you fought thrive. 


Now put yourself in the producers shoes, they put there heart and soul in the first film and truly tried to make it something that the fans would love. Unfortunately, a lot of their ideas were cut from the film thanks to the studio deciding what they felt would be right. Thankfully the producers haven’t given up on the film and have complete confidence in the franchise and they want to see it brought to life for you guys. They didn’t have to fight for this franchise to come back to life, they could have easily taken the loss and moved on (studios/producers do it all the time) but they see a group of people that are so passionate in the love for the characters and the story that they want to try one last ditch effort to revive it and give it new life. They are also giving fans the chance to truly have the voice that they deserve in the making of the film. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, you will have more of a voice this time around. You can throw in your comments, what you’d like to see, what you wouldn’t mind not seeing (unfortunately they can’t put everything in the book on the screen), put input on what you’d like to see on the DVD (blooper reel? deleted scenes? interview with the cast?) You will have inside access in the making of the film, whether you donate $5, $500, $5000, you will have a voice that will be heard. 


I also want to emphasize that this kind of undertaking has never been done before. Yes films have been fan funded before, most notably Veronica Mars, but from what I can understand (and the producers of the film can correct me on this) but they are not only trying to get Frostbite made but they are trying to revive a franchise which is something that has yet to be done. So yes, when this film does get the money it needs, you will be part of history and will show studios that no matter what, fans have a voice and when they work together they can do amazing things! 


The power is now in your hands, VA Family. This movie is being made as a love letter to the fans and proof that fans have a voice and can make things happen. Show the studio that you want this and that you are behind the producers 100%! Have faith that this film will be made and if you aren’t able to help fund the film then make your voice heard and promote the funding. It is your time to show everyone that the Vampire Academy Family is out there and strong. I will of course continue to write about the campaign and give you guys up to date information as the campaign continues. Stay tuned to @OfficialVAMovie and the Facebook page as well (under the same name). Looking forward to seeing some history being made and the franchise being revived. 

Samantha McAllister


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