Are you REALLY a writer?

I am new to BlogHer.  Exploring the blogs, I am struck by how many women who profile themselves as "dreaming of becoming a writer", "trying to be a writer" or "aspiring writer".

Not that there´s anything wrong about being a writer. I am a writer myself. My professional writing career started 28 years ago, when I walked into my local newspaper in my hometown in Norway on trembling legs, with a hand written article in hand (I did not yet have a type writer, as we used those days - if anyone remember).  The article was never published, but I got a lot of encouragement and the next article was.

Since then I have had thousands of articles and essays published, several short stories, four books and one poem.

I have also had hundreds of articles, stories and several novels and book projects rejected.

In fact, I have probably received enough rejections to fill the Versailles or the Black Whole.

I have celebrated my writing with champagne and I have been lying flat out on the floor crying with frustration. I have sworn that I´ll never write a word again. And found myself back at the computer a few hours later.

I used to think that I´d be a real writer when I could support myself from my writing. And then: when I got a book published. Then I discovered that book writing brings in very little cash.  So I´d need to write a bestseller. An international bestseller. That would become a Hollywood movie. Then I guess I could call myself a real writer. Unless it was just a one time thing, of course.

I write a journal, affirmations, mails, presentations, stories, articles. I author my websites and most recently, a blog. Yesterday I wrote a song for a friend´s birthday.

The thing is: I write.

So should I not call myself a writer?

And YOU – you do write. You are not trying or dreaming of it. You are actually doing it.

What is your definition of a real writer?  And are you one?

Mamma Mia aka Tove Cecilie Fasting is a writer and runs a small hotel in a village in northern Greece.

My Fabulous Life in Greece


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