Are You the Reason Why You Aren't Getting New Clients

I will be working with Marco on a weekly advice column. Marco is an art/creative director/video guy over at babytorpedo. We thought it would be fun to collaborate and add a touch of humor (at least we think we are funny) to questions that we get asked frequently. If you have topics that you would like us to address, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

Today’s Topic: Are You the Reason You Are Not Getting New Clients?

Question: How do you sell your products or services to clients over the phone?


Usually, my phone calls involve people who have contacted me. I just try to have an idea of what they need, so that I can give them suggestions for how that fits into the big picture (their ultimate goal).


I contact people that I feel need my services. It could be that they don’t have a website or that they don’t have graphics/logo (I would have learned all of this stuff from researching them ahead of the call). I will already have an idea of the things they might need from me or ways that I can help them improve. This makes the sell a bit easier (just a bit). So, my advice is to be prepared.

Question: How do you prep for the phone call?


I research the client and try to have a clear cut direction for them.


Again, it is all about research. I see if the person has an online presence. I take note of whether they are using social media for personal use only or to engage with their followers (business pages). Since I am a mompreneur (my little ones are at home with me during the day), I schedule calls when I know that they will be asleep or at an outside activity. I do this to maintain a high level of professionalism. I also tend to practice different scenarios (especially if it is a cold call).

Question: How do handle nerves?


I make sure that I take my time and follow my notes. If you are prepared for the call, there is really no problem.


I practice what I am going to say. I also make sure that I am informed about the client ahead of time. I tend to talk fast when I am nervous (blabber) & so I have to mentally tell myself to take my time before the call. I also send out positive vibes into the atmosphere (I speak what I want to happen ahead of the call).

Question: Do you leave voicemails?


I seldomly leave personal voicemails, but with my business clients I always leave them. I want them to have a record of my call. This way, when I follow up, they will remember that I let a message previously. I don’t tend to say much. It is normally just a quick introduction followed by ‘call me back when you have a chance to talk”.


I don’t leave voicemails. Since they don’t know me ahead of time, I just feel that I would have to do a whole lot of explaining and introducing.

Question: How do you handle questions in which you do not have the answers?


I admit it. I let them know that I don’t know the answer to their question at the time, but that I will get back to them with the answer. I find there is no need to try to answer or give advice to a question that you are unsure about.


I agree with Marco. I just admit it. I don’t try to talk around it or deflect from their question. I just let them know that I am not sure, but that I will definitely find out.

So what about you, do you have problems selling items over the phone?

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