Are You Setting Reading or Writing Goals in 2014? These Reading and Writing Challenges Can Help.

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January 1 is always my favorite blogging day of the year. My blog feels all shiny and new and ready to write all of the things. That feeling doesn't generally lost very long but I am able to meet some of my goals because of the reading and writing challenges I choose every year.

I find reading and writing challenges provide low pressure structure. They're fun and provide me with ideas and direction without causing me anxiety if I veer from the path because I'm super busy or because my interests take me in a different direction. When I'm stuck and can't decide what to write or what to read, I can look at the challenges that interested me in January and am often re-inspired.

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Here are some writing challenges that might interest you:

Here are some reading challenges that might interest you:

Here are the challenges I'm joining this year:

  • NaBloPoMo in January, March, May, October, November, December
  • 365/30 Lists
  • Cybils Shortlist Challenge (Read all of the books from the Cybils Shortlist)
  • TBR Pile (Read at least 12 books from my stacks of books I've purchased but not read)
  • Audio Book Challenge (Listen to at least 12 audio books this year.)
  • Finish the Nancy Drew Challenge (I started years ago and never finished re-reading all of the yellow spine Nancy Drews.)
  • Prequel/Sequel Challenge (I need to catch up on a lot of prequels and sequels. No set number, I just want to focus on catching up.)
  • My overall reading goal is... 300 books for 2014.

Are you setting reading/writing goals? Are you joining any challenges?

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