Are You There NSA? It’s Me, Grace

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I’ve been thinking a lot about the reports that the Feds have been snooping in people’s Google, Yahoo, Apple and Facebook accounts and Verizon records. And I know that as a news blogger, I should be writing something about it. But there’s a lot of pressure, knowing that besides my usual 67 followers, someone at the National Security Administration might actually be reading this.

Perhaps my Google searches have tipped you off. After all, why would someone need to read so many articles about the Arab spring or "Hillary Clinton + Benghazi"? Or maybe I’ve typed in the keywords Dzhokhar Tsarnaev or Assata Shakur too many times. It’s all part of my job. I can explain, really!

Hand on laptop, Image Credit: Shutterstock

Why am I searching for TSA liquid guidelines so often, then? Well, have you ever spent a week at a blogging conference where your picture is being posted to Instagram from the 6 a.m. PR breakfast until the midnight party? There is no room for a bad hair day or a shiny forehead. I am packing all the styling products I am legally entitled to carry.

As for my personal privacy, I try to take the recommended steps. I don’t use the same password on all my accounts, and I un-tag myself anytime someone tries to post that I am with them on Foursquare.

But even more embarrassing is how mundane my web usage is. I have to admit, on occasion, I go to type in Politico, and my browser auto-fills that to Polyvore. Before you know it, I’ve spent half an hour trying to figure out how whether it’s too much to wear both a circle scarf and chandelier earrings. And those are my real secrets; like most Americans, I take my deepest, darkest, most pressing questions to the Internet. After all, how are people supposed to learn how vaginas are supposed to smell or how to finally lose that belly fat?

Should I even bother trying to protect my privacy? I don’t know what to think anymore or which of my opinions or whereabouts to share -- and with whom. Or are my attempts to even filter this information or control my identity all for nothing? After all, dear NSA agent, if you are reading this, you probably already know everything about me.

News and Politics Editor Grace Hwang Lynch blogs about raising an Asian mixed-race family at HapaMama.


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