Are You Watching WNBA Rookie Maya Moore?

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(Editor's Note: If, like Hello Ladies, you haven't been following the career of UConn standout Maya Moore, there's still time. She's now tearing up the court as a WNBA rookie showing why she's won every major athletic award presented to student-athletes. -js)>

Are You Watching Maya Moore?

There was a time I couldn’t get enough basketball. I grew up in Boston watching Bird, Parrish, McHale, DJ and Ainge. But eventually, the NBA stopped interesting me. The players changed – they were younger than me all of all of a sudden, not older. The game changed – there were way too many fouls. I got busy. Now I don’t choose to spend my time watching more than one sport and baseball will always come first. (I mentioned I grew up in Boston, right?).

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