Are You a Workaholic?

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[Editor's Note: Here's a post from a true workaholic. It caught my eye because of the ire it raises in me. Whenever I hear a life so out of balance, I wonder - what is REALLY going on? Here's a post on a total lack of work-life balance. What do you think? - Paula G]


Guys, I work, like, a lot.

I’ve always had jobs that I was good at. Sometimes TOO good at. I could get my eight hours worth of work done in a few and either move on to other projects or whatever else during the day. Boy oh boy are those days OVER. Last week my shortest day was 10.5 hours. This week is looking to be about the same. Thank goodness my company provides catered lunch for $2 or I swear I would either starve to death or survive on the vending machine frozen burritos our call center employees insist on having. Read more


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