Around the block

I did it again. I sat down to write a blog and then talked myself out of it. I mean why bother!

Thing is its part of a pattern that I am trying to break. I want to live again and be whole and to do that I need to shake off the "why bother" attitude. I need to jump in with both feet, grab the gold ring, go for the gusto!

I doubt I will do any of those today but I will get out of bed. I will shower and maybe clean the office. Maybe work on what is wrong and what is right.

Finding what is wrong in my life is easy, finding a way to fix it is hard.

My name is Lorri, Im 42 and a Dominant Female. Every thing I read says that Dominant Females are not week. Well Im here to tell them that suffering from depressions will even knock a Dominant Female to her knees! It will pull out your guts and make happy little balloon animals with them!

It eats at me and I cant seem to Dominate it. I cant put it away so I hope to put it here.
Get it out of my mind and soul.

So I have been around this block a time or two. I might even have my own parking space on Whacko Street but Im not nuts. Just hurting and ill. Struggling to make it one more day.

Wanting a life again with all of the joys that are included.



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