Around Here

Stopped by my favorite morning read, chookooloonks and saw Karen's post titled "Around Here" and loved it. What a great way to capture what is going on in your life at this very moment. It was inspired by Ali Edwards post by the same title. I read both and the posts in the blogasphere that have spun off from Ali's original one and was inspired by all the simple wonderful that is going on in everyday lives. I have gotten myself into a bit of a funk...feeling anxiety and not handling it well. So I will try my hand at this meditative writing today and see where it takes me. Trying to remember that the little things are good even when my head is a crazy jumbled up mess. Listening to my career tech seniors talk to my sophomore students about their programs. They are so proud of all they have learned so far and love sharing their knowledge with others. I am so proud of the wonderful young adults they have grown into. I have said it one million times, but this is the best part of my job. I get to be the cheerleader on the sideline as they grow from young teen into poised and career-focused adults.


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