Arranged Marriage – A Decision in the Blink of the Eyes

I always find myself fascinated by the whole idea of arranged marriage. I work in the software field to be precise in the R&D where a lot of my coworkers are originated from India. For them arranged marriage is a quite common practice. I remember one time, one of our coworkers disappeared from work-place and came back with a wife. I still find it very intriguing. Simply awestruck.

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For the longest time, I couldn't understand. I guess I always have this question in the back of my mind. How can you decide in the blink of the eyes? This is it! I am getting married. And another question that I finally have managed to ask couple of my coworkers was, “Do you ever fall in love?” –I know … I know … It sounded so silly, but I can’t hide my curiosity.
Meanwhile, take care!
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