The Art of Conversation - don't let it die in your family


The Art of Conversation?  Conversationalize

BC - (Before Children) and when I still wore suits and went to offices I attended a series of workshops with an excellent trainer called Joseph Riggio. 

We were learning how to be our best selves and also how to track those signals in the system, or attributes of a person, in others.

The first part of every exercise was 'Conversationalize'.

We needed to tune in and find a way to talk with our peer...and at the same time track their signals in the system for excellence.   Somewhat of a tall order.  I did learn a lot, though.

Now have children - and Conversationalize

The other day my oldest daughter said to me

"I love talking to you Mum, we can have the weirdest, oddest conversations and you let me be the real, weird me".

 Now apart from making my Mommy chest swell with pride and delight - it made me glad to know that my daughter can have conversations with me.  She's in Middle School.


Take away the iPhone/Android/whateveroid and Conversationalize


One of the reasons I believe she can 'Conversationalize' so well with me is, quite frankly, she doesn't have a phone to her name.

During the same conversation she said she will wait on a phone "until she gets one with apps".  Phew.  That'll be a while, then.

Talking to one of my kids' teachers at the Wichita Montessori School today, we were discussing the nature of electronic toys for kids. 

We both believe that the art of conversation is dying with the advent of the iPhone/whateveroid and that it can effect children's concentration levels.


Did you know that iPhones and TV give us all a low-grade adrenaline buzz when we read or use them?


No wonder we are so addicted to our phones.

There comes a point when it's time to put the phone aside, away - or just don't give into peer pressure from your school...and conversationalize.

 I believe our families will all be the better for it.

 Sarah Lawrence Hinson

A Mom On A Spiritual Journey!



Twitter: @SarahsEnergy


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