The Art of the Dinner Date

In an effort to seem adventurous and not boring, men are turning away from the dinner date.  I am a young lady who likes to eat, so this evolution away from the traditional dinner date isn't exactly exciting.  I like to eat.  I get hungry.  I want 4 meals a day...

I went on a date with a guy who choose for us to go to a bar.  I was okay with that choice, but the time was wrong.   He wanted to meat (I mean meet lol) at 5 pm... That is dinner time.  I couldn't imagine just going out to a bar at 5pm unless we were going to hit up some food by 6pm.  I understand that men want to be creative.  I respect creativity, but could I/we get creative on a full stomach?!

Some of you may think that I'm being unreasonable.  I could just pick up some food before I hit up my date.  Yes, I could do that but I like sitting down and talking to someone over food.  I get to see how the man's manners are.  I can see what food he like to eat.  Instead of him telling me about his manners and eating habits he has the opportunity to show me.  We could eat dinner and then go do something creative!

The art of the dinner date has been lost.  Who are these women who decided that a man who took them out to dinner was boring?  It is my belief that these women are responsible for the men who have no concept of chivalry.  These cynical women scoff at romance and shun doors being opened for them.  You women need to knock it off!  I want my prince charming and I want to meet him for dinner!

When talking about a dinner date the question of, "who pays?" is inevitable.  In my opinion, I think the man should pay.  I don't mind paying for myself.  I do it all the time.  I don't mind going Dutch it is okay. To be honest, I can't remember the last time a man paid for me.  If the man asks me out, he will have to pay.  I'm sorry, you are asking to be in my presence.  You are asking for my time, pay up.  If I initiated the date then I will pay, no problem... For myself.

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