The Art of Juggling

When I found out I was pregnant, it was overwhelming. I've always been the nurturing type but I was so set in my ways that the thought of being responsible for someone else terrified me. Fast forward ten months and I realize I was right. Raising a child IS overwhelming. I'm sitting in the living room with my baby boy wrapped in my arms, (okay one arm because I am typing this) and there are clothes still in the washer from yesterday. Dishes in the sink from last night. And an array of diaper bag items sprawled across the coffee table because the diaper bag (that Monique and Ryan were so thoughtful to buy for us) is in the washer after Ayden peed into it while I was changing him. Funny now? Yes. Funny yesterday? Still yes. I should know better than to leave him diaperless for more than a few seconds but the phone rang and I got distracted. I didn't even move from him to answer it. Just looked back to acknowledge the ringing and boom, a straight shot from the couch directly into the perfectly organized and Clean diaper bag. I guess it's easier to clean the diaper bag than the couch cushions and maybe the Organized part was a little exaggerated, but nonetheless it Was at least clean. But what can you do? He doesn't know any better. It's not the end of the world. And it's not like we really need to be anywhere. But it can seem a little daunting when your to-do list Is already so long you get frazzled even finding a place to begin. Eli laughed. Which didn't help. But he's a guy and for whatever reason they think stuff like that is funny. And thank goodness for him because that's when I realized he was right. It was funny, and even better it's a great story to tell as he is getting ready for prom and all his friends are around. That's why you have kids right? For the rewarding embarrassing stories you get to tell when theyre older! No? Well I was seriously mislead. Juggling's for the birds. The moms who act like everything in their life is easy and their babies sleep through the night at two weeks can shove it. Ayden will sleep a total of three hours at a time if I'm lucky and sometimes getting him to sleep that long requires holding him for the duration. So I'm stuck with an arm that's falling asleep, my head cranked three degrees farther then should ever be possible and a stomach that growls so loud, because I haven't gotten a chance to eat, I shush it so it doesn't wake him up. "Sleep when they sleep". Thanks. I'll try again tomorrow when my arm regains feeling and I can look to the left again.


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