The Art of Making Babies

Dear Friends,

I have an announcement to make : It’s official, PC and I have decided to have a baby !

Well, maybe the right word would be, “try” to have a baby.

Last time I had a baby, was fourteen years ago, when I had my daughter, E. And, to be honest, except for the way to make them, I forgot most of everything else about how to have baby.

PC and I have been together for five years, married for one. And, for logistics reasons, I am still not living with him. Yet. Things are changing tough, and I am (with E.) planning to move in with him at the end of the school year (the week of June 21).

This is why we have decided that now would be a good time to have a baby (after all, it does take 9 months to grow). And we don’t want to wait because, a) I will be turning 35 this year, in September and, b) PC either is not getting any younger. Not that he is old, but he just turned 40 last April. And for PC, turning 40 has been a life revelation. The need to practice having baby has left place to the need to practice with productivity. He he he ! As for me, since the moment the nurse has put E in my arms, I have wanted to have a second baby. And even tough I could easily have popped a baby before, I was waiting for the right time with the right man. I just didn’t know it would take fourteen years.

So, after taking the life-changing decision of trying to have a baby, I decided to check online about things like, ovulation and pregnancy.

My, oh, my. I found so much information that I really felt like a first time mom. I feel as if I gave birth to a child in another life.

My first research was about ovulation. Since PC and I are together for the weekends only, I want to know when is a good time to, you know. Arg.... The popular website (with the book What to expect when you are expecting) says that, per month, there is a window of opportunity during a cycle of 12 to 24 hours only to conceive. Yes, you read that right. 12 to 24 hours only. 

I find this hard to believe. Otherwise, I am sure we would see more couple take late lunch at work not to miss it. Also, if it was the case, how can people have two, three or more kids while they both work or with only one encounter ?

To know when I ovulate, I use the website It is a great website that has allowed me to keep track of my periods and of my ovulation period. I have been dutifully using it for the last thirty four months, which is kind of a record for me. I never paid much attention to menstrual cycle and such. Nobody has ever took the time to explain to me what were period, ovulations or how to calculate it (I blame it on catholic school: they don’t talk about anything that can, or will, happen between your bellybutton and your knees). When I got older, I was just too shy to ask about it. So, this website has really helped me a lot, mostly for life planification purposes. According to them, actually, according to the email they send me every month, I have fertile, more fertile, most fertile and ovulation days, where I do can get pregnant.

I am sure that there is more information about ovulation and about how to get pregnant. But we decided to quit looking and to let nature do. And anyway, at this point, there is really nothing we can do except enjoying and improving our “game”.

Anne Morand

Freelance Writer
Household Engineer


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