The Art & Science of Food Blogging | Food in the Center of Cultural Conversations, Not Just the Table


Food is a basic human requirement, but it’s easy to become disconnected from the food we eat. We can eat a different international cuisine every night without understanding the cultures from which they came. We can focus on buying the freshest, most local organic produce without understanding the life of the people who are growing it. In addition to helping us feed ourselves every night, food bloggers are serving as social and cultural ambassadors—and bearing those concepts in mind can strengthen our food writing. In this session, our panelists explored:

  • Understanding how food can serve as a social and cultural bridge
  • Improving your food writing by acknowledging food’s deeper significance
  • Being an ambassador, not an appropriator


Rashda Khan, journalist, food columnist, and adventurous eater found at Hot Curries and Cold Beer
Thien-Kim Lam, founder, I'm Not The Nanny and food and culture writer
Toni Tipton-Martin, culinary journalist, community activist and author of "The Jemima Code: Two Centuries of African American Cookbooks"