The Art & Science of Food Blogging | Productivity and Efficiency: Get More of the Important Stuff Done

The very productive speakers created a collaborative Google doc for you to look at.


Whether your food blog is your passionate avocation or your growing business, it’s probably a big job. And you have a busy life—so finding workflow efficiencies and consistently planning ahead are both essential. It can be a challenge to create great content and maintain your authentic voice while staying efficient. In this session, our panelists shared specific tips and tools to facilitate both short- and long-term planning, as well as how to integrate your cooking, recipe development, and photography into an effective master plan. Topics included:

  • How to integrate sponsors into your long-term plans
  • How and why to republish existing content as part of your overall editorial calendar
  • The best tools, websites, and tricks to use for planning and scheduling your content
  • Which tasks are better outsourced altogether, and where to get started

Tricia Callahan, food planning advocate, and Netflix binge-watcher, and founder of Once a Month Meals
Kathy Hester, cookbook author, PR specialist and vegan recipe developer at
Christine Pittman, editor, food photographer and founder of