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For years now I’ve worked a non-traditional minister and my speciality is spirituality and the arts. But my best lesson came not from my seminary training, nor from the numerous hours I’ve spent studying spiritual direction. The best lesson I ever learned about art and spirituality came from one of my ministerial partners, Israel Button, who told me: “People intuit truth through art. You have to use art to preach.”

Over the years I’ve found that statement to be endlessly true, and the more I work with artists the more I am captured by the deep intersection between creativity and spirituality. So today at BlogHer I’d like to features a few artists I adore.

Rowena Murillo of Warrior Girl draws hauntingly evocative images. Her Flying Girl print series is a particular favorite of mine and features strong feminine images of adventure and bravery. Flying Girl embodies that mysterious state of being I like to describe as “standing in your own power.” Flying Girl is a Warrior, or The Miracle is Now  is one of my special favorites. (I will certainly be thinking of her when I visit Joan of Arc’s memorials in Rouen next week!) Here’s Rowena’s poetic description of her flying warrior:

'”Like Joan of Arc, Flying Girl is lead by her conviction, her vision, her inspiration.
Unlike Joan of Arc, Flying Girl is in control of the fires and will not let them consume her. She recognizes that the miracle is all around her, every day, every moment. And her quest is in gentleness and acceptance. This is the power of ‘yes.’ This is the power of ‘now.’”

Rowena’s prints are affordably priced and make soulful, inspiring gifts for yourself or someone you love.

Kelly Rae Roberts has been selling like gangbusters lately and hardly needs a shout out from little ole’ me. But with the beautiful, inspiring images, I just couldn’t resist singing her praises in case one of you lovely readers out there is missing out. Wouldn’t Journey of the Heart make a wonderful, heartfelt gift for the soulsisters in your life? Or one of these necklaces would surely shore up your faith or nuture your creative spirit.

Finally, for those of you who still love a fresh box of Crayolas, Kara Jones at Mother Henna has just released a fun new project. It’s a coloring book to help you “come one step closer to your sacred self.” Remember the days when you got a new coloring book for the plane ride to grandma’s house? I definitely think you need this one for your next flight!

Who are your favorite soulful artists? Where will you be shopping for heartfelt, encouraging gifts this holiday season? Do tell in the comments below.

Rachelle Mee-Chapman is a soulcare specialist, writer, and mother(ish) to several. Based in Seattle, she’s now living the expat life in Copenhagen, Denmark. You can find her at Magpie Girl, friend her at Facebook, or follow her at Twitter.


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