The Arts and Blogher '10

Wow, Blogher conference tickets are nearly sold out (  I can't believe it and I'm getting really really excited to attend my first one. 

One thing I've noticed is people are starting to make lists, picking places to meet up, talk about what's going to be at the conference, etc.  But what I haven't seen a lot of, and please lead the way if I've missed something, is all the arts, crafts, photography, knitting, design etc related bloggers heading to NYC in August. 

There's a lot of cooking, lots of mommies, lots of life bloggers...where are the artists/art lovers?  I know you're out there!

I'd like to start compiling a list over on Arts & Dafts of all us art minded folks heading to Blogher.  I can't possibly be the only one...

So please! Shoot me an email, twitter me (@Oda) or comment below and let's find eachother at Blogher 2010!