Ashley Judd Insults Women Voters

Ashley Judd was at the recent Clinton Global Initiative
on the panel for, what seems to be a very worthwhile project,
discussing healthy transitions for adolescent girls in developing
countries. A program all about empowering girls, educating young women
and teaching them to participate in their society and how that
participation can make a difference in how they grow up and who they
become. Clearly a worthwhile project.

A reporter interviewed Judd at the event asking how the panel went, etc. Then later in the interview
she took the opportunity to bring up the election and how she feels
about John McCain's record on women's issues and compares it to
Obama's. For many conservative women, that would have been enough to
totally tune her out and not even bother to find out about the panel
she had been talking about. THEN she really dropped the bomb... she
INSULTED any woman who is planning to cast a vote for John McCain and
Sarah Palin with the quote, "A woman voting for McCain and Palin, is
like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders." Nice Ashley, real nice.

Ashley, honey, I really expected more from a fellow G.R.I.T.S. - I know your mama raised an independent thinker (so did I) but I'm sure your mama, Naomi Judd,
taught you better! I know she at least taught you to make sure that
your brain is engaged before putting your mouth in gear! It's one thing
to use your celebrity status to get the word out about worthwhile
projects you are involved in, like the
Girl Effect,
and since it has become quite popular for the Hollywood Left to use
their celebrity to support Obama, many women would forgive you for
that. What is
is that you also used this opportunity to put down all women who may
not share your views or don't support the same candidate you do.

Clearly, you only respect women who share your views - that's unfortunate for your career.

to my daughter (independent thinker and, sadly, Obama supporter) for
tipping me off to this quote from Ms. Judd. (hugs from The Mama!)

Happy Trails,

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