AshleyGate: How Mitch McConnell Planned to Smear Ashley Judd

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I am glad Judd didn’t run, so she didn’t have to endure the ugly attacks that would have been thrown her way. But it also makes me angry. I saw Judd speak at the Democratic Convention last September, and I was impressed by her intelligence, her grasp of policy, her work in Africa with survivors of sexual violence, and yes, her openness and sincerity. God forbid a woman in politics show emotion. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand was on the panel, too, and urging Judd to run. Now she isn’t. Judd cited her family as the reason, but I’m not sure we’ll ever really know why.

Here's the reason Chris Cilliza of the Washington Post offered in the wake of the tape:

The audio of the McConnell meeting is exactly the reason why we -- and many Democratic operatives -- believed that Judd would be a poor candidate to challenge the Senate Minority Leader. McConnell has made his political living by savaging his opponents and Judd -- as the tape makes abundantly clear -- was an embarrassment of riches in terms of her past public statements.

Whatever. What I do know is that politics is dirty. And getting dirtier all the time.


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