Ashton Kutcher - Silly but Serious

Ashton Kutcher - Silly but Serious

Everyone sees what you appear to be, few experience what you really are.  ~Niccolò Machiavelli

Ashton_Kutcher_by_David_Shankbone Aunt Heather PiperYou know I saw this video posted, over and over again on Facebook.  I will admit I did watch it a few times, just being so surprised by the content, and more surprised by the commentator.  Yes it was Ashton Kutcher, correction Chris.

It seemed like he was waiting to give this speak, waiting for the perfect time, waiting for the most influential audience, the Teen Choice Awards.  Yes the teens.  It's like he specifically and methodically chose his audience.  Wise move on his end!

But what really made me watch and listen to his carefully chosen words, was the content, the real guts of his speech.  He purposefully chose phrases to capture everyone's attention, yet turned those preconceived catchphrases, those arresting words into his own to really drive his point home.

Never disliking, nor never really being a huge fan of Mr. Kutcher's, (expect I loved Punked) I would have never listened heard about his speech if it were not for friends of mine who were impressed with the actors message.  The message of hard work, using your head and living life to the fullest.  Pretty heavy topics, especially for an acceptance speech.  Kudos to Ashton for taking a stand and caring about the youth of America!

What really makes his communication impactful, is that it came from him.  The movie star him who is normally a silly goofy type of guy that seems to be a screw around and not to be taken seriously.  In all reality I bet he has worked hard and recognizes it.  He seems to appreciate good old fashioned blood, sweat and tears, especially when others do the same.

Ashton+Kutcher+Inside+2013+Teen+Choice+Awards-Aunt Heather Piper.jpgGoing back to his message, and rolling it over again and again in my head, I wonder, what sparked this on?  Then to take it a step further, did he really write that speech?  I'm not saying he's an idiot, because on the contrary I think he's anything but.  However, it just seemed a bit heavy for him.

Although,  I do truly believe he was sincere in what he was saying.  I do believe Ashton has a big heart and is a hard worker.  Not that I have anything to go off of, I mean I've never met the man, I've never even seen him in person and I've never really followed any of his interviews.  Yet, I do believe he meant those words wholeheartedly.  I do believe he is humble inside and he has a strong work ethic.  I do sincerely believe he is a good person.  Despite any of his public  issues.  Of course, I believe some things are private and should be handled as such, but I guess the media doesn't listen to me.

Wonder if making the movie Jobs opened the actors eyes? ...

Hear my thoughts & tell me yours Ashton Kutcher - Silly but Serious


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