Ask Kate - Lies of the Lottery

A few days ago I was travelling on business and stopped into a gas station to refill the car and grab something to snack on. I picked out my favorites - a cold Coca Cola and some of those yummy Mini Sweet Tarts. I took my place in line to check out, which happened to be about three places back. I waited patiently, leisurely contemplating just how much longer it would be until I arrived home. Some time passed and I realized the line wasn't moving. A little unusual for a convenience store - the idea is to be quick and 'convenient.' So, I started to pay attention to what or who was holding up the line.

I want you to picture with me an older lady, maybe in her 50s. Her hair is graying and is pulled back in a messy ponytail. She looks as though she has worked hard, physically, in her life - might be a farmer's wife, maybe loves to garden. Basically, her appearance portrays that she has spent a credible amount of time outside and things have not always come easy for her. My superficial impression is that she works hard and struggles to stay caught up. Now, please bare in mind, that this is only an impression, and could be incredibly far from the truth.

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