Ask to see a license - Especially if you are part of a vulnerable community..

We hired an "In Home Family Therapist", to help adapt to a diagnosis recently given to our youngest daughter.  (At least that's what he called himself)

We had both lost our jobs, as a result of our struggle to understand Autism.  Money is extremely tight, and we had to trim a LOT of fat to be able to live within our means, again.  One of the ways we did this, was to hire a friend's husband to come in to our home and counsel our family.  My husband and I have our own individual therapist, but can't afford to have her counsel the family.  The way we were going to save here, was that our friend's husband was going to charge us $30/hr + some trade work.  But two weeks in to therapy, and he still hadn't met the kids...we (my husband and I) started to feel uneasy about him.  He was really spending a lot of energy and focus on me..and then later, he started convincing me that my husband was a child and I had a better chance at "making it than he does".  Now, I'm not sure what we are supposed to be "making it" from.  Our toddler has Autism, and we are looking at ways to stabalize the foundation of our family...not it's individual people.  

So, we take a step outside of the friendship, we have with his wife.  We start to snoop around a search him, was the first thing that came to mind.  And what I found, made me so sick to my stomach I literally threw up!  He had surrendered his license as a LMFT, because it was proven that he had and affair with a client, that he seduced a client, that he flirted during sessions with a client.  I further learned, that he applied for a license in my state (after having moved from the state where the license was surrendered) and this application was denied, due to the failure to provide information regarding the surrender of his license.  All this stuff was on-line...I mean, legal documents with facts about the case (hiding the identiy of the victims, of course).  He was further ordered to never practice as a therapist again.  "under any circumstances"......?  This person is clearly a predator.  And he was in my home!  Not only was he in my home, but he gave no respect to a professional guideline of any kind.  Once, he showed up un announced, after I had sent him a text message in an attempt to fire him.  His exact words, "so I'm here...and we don't have an appointment, and it's late, and I got your text.  Are you firing me?"  Did I mention that this was at around 8:55pm?

SO here's some good insight, that helps me understand what just happened, to us.  

When a therapist is given a license, they are binding themselves to a specific set of ethical guidelines and standards of behavior. If they are not actually a member of the profession, they don't have to answer to anyone other than themselves. They don't have to consider anyone else's judgment.

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