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BlogHer will be going to a Women's Health Townhall at the White House on June 7 -- and we're bringing your questions with us! What would you ask the Secretary of Health and Human Services about the current state of health care in America? Kathleen Sebelius has answered BlogHers' questions before -- and now she's offering to do so again.

This is your chance to shape the conversation -- because as BlogHer's editor in chief Stacy Morrison recently reminded us, the political conversation in the United States is still dominated by media storms that women DON'T want -- like the mommy wars" and, particularly with health care, polarizing reproductive issues:

Despite how many stories supposedly about women these incidents generate, this is not the kind of "conversation" about women's lives the majority of women want to have, regardless of their political alignment. That's because they handily minimize women’s role in shaping society -- the society we are living in today, which is so rarely addressed in any meaningful way, because the sheer complexity and variety of women’s lives cannot be neatly dropped into political debates.

This week's conversation -- and this election -- is about your health, your finances, your stress, or your ease. We know that the new health care laws have made">some people hopeful while others are frustrated with the Affordable Care Act. Now, we want to hear from you: What you want from health care? What don't you want from health care?

Feb. 15, 2012 - Washington, D.C, U.S. - Secretary of Health and Human Services KATHLEEN SEBELIUS testifies before the Senate Finance Committee on President Obama's proposed 2013 budget. (Image: © James Berglie/

On June 7, the White House will be live tweeting the event using the Twitter hashtag #WomensHealth, but we'll also be back to let you know the answers we received to your questions. Additionally, BlogHer will be using the hashtag #BlogHerswant in order to tell lawmakers what BlogHers want -- and DON'T want.

So ask away: what do you want to know about the state of women's health in America, and what do you want the White House to hear in this ongoing conversation

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